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A Calling to Care

Disability Supports’ unique blend of services is made possible with the compassionate and expert care of more than 300 employees in Hutchinson and McPherson, and in 100 locations throughout these communities. 

“Creating full, enriching lives doesn’t just happen. It takes a way of being in the world that is very purposeful and very honoring. There are folks put on this earth to care for others. They may go on to do other things in life, but they’ll never do anything more important.”  — Rick Staab, President & CEO

McPherson Campus

Richard J. Staab

President / CEO
Extension: 201
Email: rick@dsgp.org

Sheree Leppke

Office Manager, Human Resources
Extension: 206
Email: sheree@dsgp.org

Sheila Goscha

Director of Operations, McPherson County
Extension: 232
Email: sheila@dsgp.org

Cindy Ritter

Office Manager, Asset Management
Extension: 217
Email: cindy@dsgp.org

Gwen McClenton, PHR

Human Resources 
Extension: 203
Email: gwen@dsgp.org

Jodi Harold

Quality Assurance Administrator
Extension: 226
Email: jodi@dsgp.org

Jenny LaSalle

Case Manager
Extension: 231
Email: jenny@dsgp.org

Robin Davis

Activities Coordinator
Extension: 202
Email: robin@dsgp.org

Susan Howard

Senior Case Manager
Extension: 207
Email: susan@dspg.org

Steve Reed

Email: steve@dsgp.org



Ivonne Cabrera

Administrative Support
Extension: 241
Email: ivonne@dsgp.org


Linda Dixon

Administrative Support
Extension: 222
Email: linda@dsgp.org

Cassie Sechler

Administrative Support
Extension: 246
Email: cassie@dsgp.org

Angela Aldridge

Administrative Support
Extension: 218
Email: angela@dsgp.org

Marcy Bridwell

Program Support
Extension: 205
Email: marcy@dsgp.org

Janelle Burgeson

Staff Training Coordinator
Extension: 216
Email: janelle@dsgp.org

Brandy McCarty

Residential Program Manager
Extension:  214
Email:  brandy@dsgp.org

Nichole Trenckmann

Day Supports Program Manager
Extension:  251
Email: nicholet@dsgp.org

Hutchinson Campus

Debbie Adams

Director of Operations, Reno County
Extension: 104
Email: debbie@dsgp.org

Virginia Thornton

Senior Case Manager
Extension: 101
Email: virginia@dsgp.org

Melissia Sanders

Case Manager
Extension: 102
Email: melissia@dsgp.org

Lindsay Tillitson

Day Supports Program Manager
Extension: 114
Email: lindsayt@dsgp.org

Bryan Jarmer

Extension 150
Email: bryan@dsgp.org

Marylon Bieber

Senior Administrative Assistant
Extension: 126
Email: marylon@dsgp.org

Stevi Ulloa Ulloa

Client Wellness
Extension: 151
Email: stevi@dsgp.org

Sara Yamauchi

Client Wellness
Extension: 153
Email: sara@dsgp.org

Paige Jaye

Client Wellness — Exercise Nutrition
Extension: 126
Email: paige@dsgp.org

Rachael Grubbs

Administrative Support
Extension: 105
Email: rachael@dsgp.org

Danielle Flanagan

Program Supports
Extension: 103
Email: danielle@dsgp.org

The Clayworks

David Olson

Clayworks Studio Program Manager
Email: david@dsgp.org

Jenna Parli

Clayworks Retail Coordinator
Email: jenna@dsgp.org


DeWayne Herrs
John Krehbiel
Rick Staab
Bob Harper
Keith Birkhead
Linda Peters
Louise Hutchison
Joleen Jantz