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Commitment to Community

The concept of community living is a key focus for Disability Supports. We create a safe and supportive atmosphere for our clients and our employees. And we are dedicated to being an active member of the communities we share.

Supporting Community — Across Reno and McPherson Counties, Disability Supports employs hundreds of people committed to the fulfillment of our mission, and the enduring success, well-being and happiness of those we serve.  A myriad of services are provided in more than 100 individual locations with an annual, aggregate economic impact of more than $20 million.

Building Community — Disability Supports’ Northview Village in McPherson was the first apartment community in the nation built using tax credits specifically designated for low-income residents with developmental disabilities. The concept combines our efforts to offer superior solutions for clients and a dedication to creating quality, innovative services that benefit the entire community.

Partnering with Community —Disability Supports is an active sponsor of cultural, theatric, musical and artistic events, from summer Art in the Park attractions to holiday film traditions and much more. The Clayworks in McPherson and Hutchinson, both with galleries featuring local and regional artists, are extensions of our belief in fostering the arts in the lives of our clients and in the civic life of our communities. Visit One Door North next to The Clayworks in McPherson and Midtown Gallery at The Clayworks in Hutchinson.

Integrating with Community — At Disability Supports we do everything in our power to involve our clients in day-to-day activities others may take for granted — a trip to the mall, a picnic in the park, or swimming at the YMCA. This is designed to benefit both the client, whose experiences and skills are broadened, and also those who come in contact with our group, helping to break down barriers between those who may not know or regularly come in contact with people with varying abilities.