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Expert Care and Experience

If you have a child, a family member or a friend with developmental disabilities, you’ve probably heard the phrase “it can’t be done” much too often. We know, because Disability Supports was founded after hearing too many tell us, “It can’t be done.” Our goal then — and now — is to say, “Yes, it can be done.” It’s simply our job and our mission to find a better way.

We deliver the highest level of experience and expertise. The most common question we are asked is, “How can you deliver this level of care?” The answer is simple. Our administrative staff is small, and our caregivers are mighty. The majority of our budget is invested in experienced, professional staff who are committed to going above and beyond in the level of care of those they serve, and in well-designed, modern facilities that contribute to the quality of our services.

We care for people with intellectual or trauma-based disabilities. Disability Supports offers services to people outside the traditional MR/DD group, including individuals with brain trauma and those who experience life-altering events and cognitive injuries as adults.

We think fun is an important part of every day. Games, dances and celebrations help combat feelings of depression that can accompany limited abilities. Engaging clients on a social level fosters a deeper level of friendship and cooperation, benefiting both the client and the staff member.

“We hire many caregivers with nursing backgrounds. Our staff is trained, comfortable and confident with complex medical needs, which helps promote our ‘can do’ approach.” — Sheila Goscha, Vice-President/COO