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Caring for Clients

Creating a loving, safe and enriching environment is really about creating a life of joy for Disability Supports clients. Every member of our staff is focused on doing things that allow those we serve to have as much fun and enjoyment as possible.

A Lifetime of Care

“Disability Supports is often involved in helping people find care throughout their whole lives. We meet some clients when they are children, helping to connect their family with resources throughout the community. We participate in their education, work life and living situation. We help people plan a budget, manage finances and shop for groceries. Our services are tailored to the individuals we serve.”

Sheila Goscha, Vice-President/COO

Individual Attention

“People with disabilities are every bit as complex as the rest of us. One-size-fits-all care simply doesn’t work. Our agency prides itself on providing care based on the needs of the client. We find out what kind of lifestyle a client wants, and do our best to enable them to live the way they prefer.”

Virginia Thornton, Senior Case Manager, Hutchinson