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Client Stories

Loving Friends

Rachel is a former cheerleader, choir and band member, and fluent French speaker. But, one night in her junior year of high school, a drunk driver hit Rachel’s vehicle and she suffered devastating injuries. Her life radically changed. Likewise, her parents’ focus changed, too. Rachel’s mother became a relentless advocate for her care, and when the family was relocated out of state, found a measure of peace when she found a home for Rachel at Disability Supports. “Rachel knows and loves the people at Disability Supports. And they love her. Even though I’m a thousand miles away, I know she’s in good hands.”

“I searched for comparable services and care near our new home, but there was nothing.” — Susan McGee, Rachel’s Mother


Key Connections

Every Wednesday morning by 10 a.m. Alicia Harris would sit in front of a computer in the Assistive Technology Center, breakfast eaten, face washed, hair combed, and a smile on her face. Why? Because every Wednesday morning Alicia enjoyed a web cam greeting from her mom. When Alicia's mother moved out of state for a job in technology support, it made perfect sense that she would keep in touch with her daugther through the magic of modern online tools. For Alicia and other Disability Support clients, these tools are lifelines to friends and family near and far.