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Welcome to the Neighborhood

At Disability Supports, rethinking care for individuals with disabilities includes living options. Finding affordable housing to properly accommodate clients is always a challenge. Disability Supports has developed and built four housing complexes, uniquely designed to meet the needs of those we serve. 

By providing innovative care to all, Disability Supports allows individuals with mild to severe disabilities — who may otherwise have been consigned to institutional care — the choice to live in their own homes while enjoying all of the benefits of community inclusion.

“Instead of sharing a big house or room with dozens of others with various abilities, our clients love going home when they want, being alone, being together with friends, or doing their own thing. We always say our residents are spoiled, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!”
— Cindy Ritter, Office Manager, Asset Management

Common Approach

Welcome to housing on a human scale. Most clients share a home with one roommate and come and go as they please. Each community is within a campus environment in which residents live near friends, gather in park settings and watch out for each other. This form of independent living prevents isolation and encourages interaction. Housing services are part of our unique campus community and approach to enriching the lives of those with various abilities. 

Person-Centered Supports

Our in-home residential support services are designed around the needs of each individual for whom we care. Disability Supports helps with a wide array of living skills, access to community events, and offers many ways to participate in the community.

Attendant Care Services – Hands-on assistance is provided for the functional needs of clients who have a physical disability and may need assistance with daily living activities. Attendant Care services also include the performance of delegated nursing functions.  These include:

• Bathing
•  Toileting
•  Mobility
•  Moving, turning and positioning while in bed or in a wheelchair
•  Eating, nutritional planning and preparing meals, including prescribed special diets
•  Dressing and changing clothes 
•  Taking medications that are ordinarily self-administered when ordered by a physician

Amenities and Features

• Duplexes and fourplexes
• Two-bedroom units
• Secure campus environment
• Highest standards for accessible living and safety
• Spacious living, dining and kitchen areas
• Large adaptive bathrooms with lifts and other features for handicapped and wheelchair accessibility
• Washer and dryer
• Community gazebos
• Wheelchair-accessible tornado shelters
• Lawn maintenance and snow removal
• Medical support
• In-home support services (i.e., cleaning, scheduled check-ins, maintenance)
• Storm shelters
• Fire sprinklers

Northview Village Apartments – 14 units, McPherson, Kansas, built in 2001
• One fourplex (4 residences)
• Five duplexes (10 residences)
• 967 sq. ft. living space (10)
• 977 sq. ft. living space (4)
• 223 sq. ft. garage space (14)

Coventry Court Townhomes – 12 units, Hutchinson, Kansas, built in 2003
• Four fourplexes (12 residences)
• 931 sq. ft. living space (4)
• 1,066 sq. ft. living space (8)
• 660 sq. ft. garage space (4 garage)

Maplewood Townhomes – 16 units, Hutchinson, Kansas, built in 2005
• One fourplex (4 residences)
• Two sixplexes (12 residences)
• 1,043 sq. ft. living space (16)
• 288 sq. ft. garage space (16)

Cimari Meadow Townhomes – 11 units, Hutchinson, Kansas, built in 2010
• Two fourplexes (8 residences)
• One triplex (3 residences)
• 1,147 sq. ft. living space (3)
• 1,244 sq. ft. living space (8)